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Located in Texarkana, TX, Qora's Kreations mission is building hand-crafted products with innovation, originality, and creativity. Our shop uses everything from hand tools to CNC routers to create your designs. We make handmade custom wood items that are great for gifts, parties, weddings, classrooms, Quinceanera's, and DIY projects.



I'm a U.S. Army Veteran, self-taught craftswoman specializing in using jigsaw and laser cutting to create crafts with passion and love. I enjoy working with my hands to create new designs to add a wow factor to my client's homes, businesses, and events. I've always been creative and made things for friends and family, but I decided to turn it into a business and create Qora's Kreations in 2020 when a client took a chance on me and allowed me to make a Barbie Photo Box for her daughter's birthday party.

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